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Jess was born in Savannah, GA on December 5th 1977 to Susan Edenfield. She then moved to Seattle, WA and started school on the west coast, but in the 1st grade she moved with her parents to Europe and lived all over Europe for the next 16 months. After this adventure they moved back to Seattle and this is where her sister Zo was born when Jess was 14.

In the 10th grade Jess moved to Reston, VA to finish high school. While there, she played varsity Lacrosse. After high school, she attended Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University ( Virginia Tech ) in Blacksburg, VA to study interior design. After four years she graduated from VT and moved to Raleigh, NC for her first real job at Phillips Architecture, PA. in Raleigh, NC where she still currently works and loves it. 


Ken was born in Mineola, New York on August 14th, 1975 to Lee and Marjorie Carter, who had earlier been living in other parts of Long Island, NY. Shortly after his birth, Ken's parents moved to Connecticut to raise him and his brother Tom. Ken attended Christian Heritage School in Trumbull, CT and played soccer and was active in the student government ( yes, he was the senior class Treasurer ). After High School, he attended Campbell University in Buies Creek, NC.

After university, Ken chose to move to Raleigh, NC and be closer to his work.. After a few years he got very interested in 4x4's and off-road vehicles which is his favorite hobby-

Ken is an active member of the Center North Carolina 4x4 club
( ) and United Four Wheel Drive Association ( )

The Engagement - May 8th 2004

For those of you who know me (Ken) well, you can guess that the engagement was planned well in advance (and down to the smallest detail)... I had picked out the ring about two months before with the help of several friends and had it made at a local jeweler to be ready just before she left for a short vacation to go see her parents (who now live in Arizona). With some great help from some friend's I found the perfect location ( Raleigh Rose Garden - 301 Pogue St - Raleigh, NC )

--- Just to interject into the story.... Here is a quick catch up for those of you that do not know how we met.... Jess and I met at a bar called ( The Pour House in Raleigh, NC on Sept 22, 2000)  I was playing pool and Jess was leaning against the wall not looking very happy (found out later she was the DD) I finally got the nerves to walk over and talk to Jess which then lasted 2hrs :) and the rest is history... If you want all the details ask one of us ---Now back to the story--

Well the day had finally arrived and I told Jess that one of my friends from work was having a b-day party at The Pour House at 8pm so I took Jess out for a nice mid day dinner at 518 Glenwood Ave. then after dinner I told Jess that a friend told me about a nice place to relax and walk around. So I took Jess to The Raleigh Rose Garden which turned out to be very funny because when we got their, there was a wedding party taking pictures in front of the flowers. Well after walking around checking out the flowers and the beautiful garden I sat Jess down on a bench and I got down on one knee and asked her if she would be my wife. Her answer was the phrase every guy longs to hear...
...Yes!, Yes!, Absolutely yes!

After hugging, kissing and talking about all the planning and misdirection that had gone into the surprise. We got into the car and went to Starbucks so Jess could wipe off her face and fix her makeup. Remember we still had to go to my friends surprise B-day party (Jess was not exactly in the mood to go to someone's party at this point). So we hung out at Starbucks for a while until I decided it was time to head over to The Pour House.

When we got their, we went inside got a drink and then headed upstairs to be part of the surprise, well little did Jess know but I had asked all our close friend to be at The Pour House earlier to surprise her and congratulate us on our engagement. So as we go up the stairs Jess finally started to realize as she reached the top stair that wait a minute she knew everyone in the room just as the group yelled congratulations.

All in all it was a very nervous and fun day for me but it turned out great and we could not be any happier

Our Future Plans

Jess and Ken bought a house in North Raleigh and plan to stay in Raleigh, NC



Corbin: Dec 12, 2007 / Alyssa: Feb 22, 2010

Married: Sept 22, 2006